Friday, August 9, 2019

Mixed Media Art


I'm going to talk a little bit about mixed-media art. One thing, it's fun if you're an artist. There are no rules at all and it's the best way to express yourself and make something that you'll truly appreciate. Second, the supplies can be fairly cheap. You can use crayola products and most of your supplies can come from Walmart. I've been doing it like this for quite some time because of our tight budget. Third, what you make will last for a long time. If you use archival sealers like Modge Podge, your artwork will never yellow or fade with time. Archival means it's a sealer that is like a preservative for art and photographs. I suggest Modge Podge because it's easy to find and very inexpensive. It's a white glue that adheres really well and comes in gloss or matte. The downside to Modge Podge is since it's a white glue like school glue, there is water in it. On paper, it will warp and bend the paper unless you're using a thick paper. Thin items might do the same thing. There are dry glues like glue dots or tape. I don't use these things because I don't mind the bumps in my paper. I think it adds to the characteristic of my art.

The links on the right side are all from mixed-media artists that I admire. They all have their unique style and all of them started out like me. With a simple little blog.

❤ Christie

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