Tuesday, September 10, 2019

It's Not Personal

I am not my happy and cheerful usual self. I just got let go from my job for no real good reason. I can say what I want about this because, well, IT'S MY BLOG. So there.

I'm mad. Not only because "we don't feel you have a future with our company" is a lame excuse for letting a temp go but also because I didn't say goodbye to the friends I made the TWO MONTHS I worked there. The owner kept saying in meetings "it's not personal, it's business". Well, Mr. Hinkle, this felt pretty personal to me. I worked my ass off for your company and like many other of your workers, I got the shaft. Well now we can start a support group. Another thing he said was to "treat others the way you would like to be treated". I would never, NEVER let someone go without explaining to them why. I would NEVER let them work a full TEN HOURS with them thinking nothing is wrong.

I keep thinking what did I do? I gave everything I had everyday and had pretty decent attendance. I was never late. Well, I may never know the truth as to why they let me go. I'm probably dodging some bullet. God just shut this door and I know he has something better.

I will probably delete this post because I did go on a rampage but if not, I do wish Mr. Hinkle and his companies good luck and best wishes for the future. I enjoyed my time at CoolSeal. I had fun with great people.

❤ Christie


Okay, I must tell the truth. I did see this coming. No, they weren't honest at to why they let me go but, I know it was basically lack of work. I could see we were slow. Everyone saw it. I know I was a great worker. I will find someplace else. I'll miss it there.

Sunday, September 8, 2019

My Studio

I almost laughed out loud when I typed in the title of this post. I don't have a studio. I don't even have much of a space to create my art. I just put a poster board over the stove and go at it. My bed is where I put my shoe boxes of supplies till I need them and put them in the clothes closet when I'm done. Welcome to life in a 3 bedroom apartment. Here are some pictures...

Not that I'm not grateful for what we have. I love our apartment most days. I just wish sometimes I had a little space to create my art. Maybe one day I will.

Have a great week. I post on the weekends because with work and house I'm too busy to post through the weekdays. 

❤ Christie