Sunday, October 20, 2019

Happy Days


I'm so sorry my last post was so sad. I'm doing much better lately. I got a different job and financially, things are much better.

I have been working on a few art projects because I now have a Cricut Explore Air 2. So far, I have only begun to touch the possibilities this machine can do. It will cut little intricate things even an exacto has trouble cutting.

Also, I'm working on ways to make t-shirts that look like they were hand-painted but are actually iron-on transfers. It's really hard to explain but, it will look totally awesome if I can pull off what's in my head.

I have to say, that's the hardest and funnest thing about art. You get these ideas in your head and then you begin the task of trying to put them out in the world. There are all these obstacles and problems that have to be solved. There is investigating and testing and learning involved. I can't tell you the process it's taking for me to do the idea I'm currently working on. I feel, if this all works, it will be very much worth it in the end. I will have an awesome shirt that was totally my design and work. If people "Oooo and ahhh" at my shirt then I will be happy. If I like it I will be happy. I don't always care what people think because I know my own taste and I trust it completely.

❤ Christie