Friday, March 20, 2020

Corona Virus


I'm blogging a lot because in a way, this is almost like my journal. I'm sure I'm not alone in what I'm feeling.

I feel lucky and blessed because I'm not sick and neither is my family. I'm also still working too. It's not been easy still being at my job. I walk in the door and get my temperature checked right away. Ironically, it's been below the "normal" temperature for a human. I think the thermometer is wrong. I trust my Vick's thermometer more than anything. When my temperature is checked, my Supervisor who does it is in full PPE gear. He has on a face sheild, a mask over his nose and mouth, gloves and an apron. I swear it's a scene straight out of  the movie "I Am Legend".

You can cut the tension at my job with a knife. Everyone is scared and anxious about the future but we don't talk about it. We are all just trying to survive all of this together.

My kids are out of school right now till who-knows-when. Again, I'm blessed/lucky because when Josh was Maggie's age, we had him in K12 Online School for a little while. Actually, he was in K12 twice. We know what to expect with having school online. I was fully prepared for all of this. They are taking it rather well. They are pretty good at finding stuff to keep themselves occupied.

I'm doing okay too when I'm not at work. I just do art or watch movies. I'm still into doing tie-dying. I'm still waiting on the weather to improve. It was windy today and tomorrow it's going to get cold again. I still might try to dye something.

If you are reading this and your situation is pretty much the same as mine, try not to be scared. I want to say, fear is going to be our true enemy in all this. I have faith that it will all be alright. Most of us made it through 911. We can make it through this too.

Pray, get rest, get outside too. Do what you have to do to stay healthy. As always, THANK YOU for reading my blog.

❤ Christie

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