Monday, July 6, 2020



Lately, it's been way too hot to do any tie dying. I will be doing that again soon. I love tie dying because of how it turns out. Also, I love how pretty the colors look together. It's like watercolor painting on shirts.

Speaking of watercolor, I've been taking some art classes lately. They are really fun and I seem to have a little addiction going. I've already taken two classes and I'm looking into taking another one soon. I don't really have time during the week so, I have to do all my art making on the weekends.

The classes I've been taking are through Joanne Sharpe. She is awesome and very talented. She explains everything slowly and gives plenty of examples. She also gives you suggestions on how to make your artwork your own.

The link to Joanne's website is on the right ---------------------- >
Check out her work!!

❤ Christie

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