Saturday, August 29, 2020

Promise to you.


I keep visiting websites that use AdSense and other services to make money off viewers. I personally think these ads are annoying and detract from the content of the website. In a way, I think they are spam. 


Spam is unsolicited advertisements. You didn't want to view the ad. So, it's spam.

Spam is an old term that was used when viewing blogs became popular. I still use the term today because when you think about it, spam is everywhere. Someone is always trying to sell you something you don't necessarily need.

Am I trying to sell my tie dye? Yes!! I sell things you might need, like masks and t-shirts. Did I spam you? NO!! You came here. You found me and you are always welcome to read whatever I decide to put here. 

I PROMISE NO ADS!! I hate going to a website and having to click a bunch of X's just to get to what I want. 

So, having said that, I promise no ads. Enjoy just simple reading. Feel free to comment. I do ask you try to identify yourself just so I know who you are.

Thank you

❤ Christie


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