Saturday, October 23, 2021

Omygosh I'm sorry!



I did something really silly. I typed in my web address to this page instead of logging in to blogger through google. I was shocked and honestly disgusted at the look of my blog. Then, I started to giggle a little because obviously I didn't do a preview before posting the change.

I fixed it. I changed the background to fall because I love fall. I love all seasons. I love how things change and then there's something new and exciting. I guess I love new and exciting. I don't like being at the same job everyday. I mean, I work at the same location but my job changes. I'm constantly learning new things and I love that. I thrive on that. I don't think I could do the same thing everyday. I've tried and my brain gets bored and starts to wander off. I actually hate that feeling.

I guess also that's why my art changes. I don't keep doing the same type of art everyday. I get bored and move onto a different project. 

I still tie dye. I am trying a new process called "low water immersion". It makes a more solid shirt but it makes a really cool design. I will be posting a few pictures when I make more shirts. I made one shirt so far and it didn't look that bad. I actually like it but there are a few white spots in it I have to fix. I'm also working in my head how I'm going to photograph the design because it's not very dark like normal tie dye. The design is very subtle.

Take care while I work all these things out. As always, thanks for reading my blog. I appreciate you all!

 ❤ Christie