Friday, April 1, 2022

Happy Friday!


New Church!

Hello! We have been very busy. We are starting a new church in Toledo, Ohio! This church will be a sister church to One Accord Ministries in Allensville, Kentucky. I have been busy building our website and facebook page. I am also looking at making t-shirts and hats for both churches to sell as a fund-raiser. I am so super excited. Also, today we are going to make the final payment on the church building in Toledo! Next, we have to start taking down walls and preparing for it to be open for services.

This is the building ready to be transformed into a church. 1625 Starr Ave. Toledo, OH


I will be posting updates here and also on Facebook at our One Accord Ministries webpage.

May God bless you and fill you with His Spirit.


❤ Christie

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