Thursday, June 1, 2023

My Business Journey








I know I haven't written in my blog for quite some time even though I pay for it every year. Well, I'm going to start writing in it more often.

I've started a business. My store is on Square. I already have sold a few items, not many since 2022. I haven't committed to it full-time until now. Yesterday, I opened my store up to the public. Right now, it only has a few items but, I plan on adding more as time goes on.

It's been frustrating. Everyday poses it's challenges. I try to gracefully accept them and try to troubleshoot the problem. Today, I was trying to put my new incubator around my epoxy cups. Epoxy cups while they're curing, can't be touched. I found out that I can't put two different sizes of cups next to each other. The incubator is made for the wide 30oz tumbler. I kept trying to get it to fit. I had a wide 30oz and a skinny 30oz beside each other. It never did work. I put the incubator aside and gave up. I learned a lesson. 

It's little things that are frustrating. I keep going on and learning as I go. I try not to give up. I know all this will work out in time. I know it'll be awesome and I'll make sales if I just keep moving forward.

❤ Christie